Gardening & Lawn Cleaning

OUR SERVICESExtensive garden and lawn care with Fantastic Services

This service is an hourly-based service and the experienced gardeners will do as much work as possible for the time booked. For this particular service, we combine all our gardening knowledge and know-how and can execute multiple garden chores and tasks. The team can keep your lawn ever fresh by helping you with reseeding, fertilizing, watering, and weeding. The trained specialists use petrol-fueled lawn mowers to trim your grass at a suitable height, hedge trimmers and chainsaws.
Bring your home garden renovation project to life by allowing the experts to install a fence, plant exotic plants, refresh your weathered decking, lay new turf, lay intricate patio patterns, and more.
The team will use a powerful jet washing machine to clean mud, moss and stains from your driveway, patios, garden furniture, and other various types of hard surfaces.

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Gardening u0026amp; Lawn Mowing

We consider Facility Management is a creative and Eco friendly job. Our experienced employees work really hard to find out the best way to design the landscape and maintain gardens for long-term sustainability. We are both capable of managing domestic and business facility management.

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